Our Beyond Basic Blogging Resources

Check out our most favorite products we live to use for Beyond Basic Blogging. We hope you like them too! This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click through and purchase something using our links, we receive a small commission. But we only recommend what we personally use!

Convertkit is an email marketing platform designed for creators! If you are a blogger in need of a great email tool, Convertkit is your tool! Thye make it easy to create landing pages, email signup forms, and has a variety of automation tools so you can set up your email funnels and forget about them. And they send the softest t-shirts when you sign up for their paid plans. If you are still getting started with your blog, we recommend checking out MailerLite instead (located below).
Try them for free here

An alternative to convertkit is Mailer Lite. While they have very similar features, mailer Lite is a great email platform to start with. They make it easy to access and use their tools, and have a variety of resources any blogger could use to grow and nurture their email list. The best part is that it is free to use when you have less than 1,000 email subscribers. 

Sign up for their for free plan here.

Pinterest is a blogger's best friend when it comes to getting traffic. But there is no way to schedule pins within Pinterest. This is where Tailwind comes in. Not only can you schedule pins so that you are not pinning around the clock, but you have the ability to participate in something called Tribes that allows bloggers to share each other's pins to get more traffic. Pretty cool right? If you don't have a free Tailwind account, you should get one ASAP!

Sign up for their free plan here.

What theme are you using on your blog? If you used a free theme, it is probably time for an upgrade. Check out Restored 316's variety of beautiful themes that will take your blog from amatuer to professional. If you are not sure about what theme you should choose, you should take their quiz to discover which theme is best for your business here. Restored 316's are blogger friendly, easy to customize, and are downright beautiful! But see them for yourself. 

Get one of their themes for your blog here.

Great and easy to use accounting software. And it's all online, bonus! You cannot grow what you cannot measure, so do not sell yourself short on your blog. It is a business! Treat it as such.

Try them for free here.

Everyone needs a second look at their writing to check for spelling and grammar. And if you are still a team of one, well that's no biggie. That is what tools like Grammarly were created to help with. This FREE tool will check your writing for spelling and grammar as you write. My favorite part about this one is that it works with an easy chrome extension on your browser. It will even give you a synopsis each week on words and grammatical errors you commonly make.

Sign up for their free plan here.

If you are working on a course, but not sure what platform to use for students to access it, I highly recommend Thinkific. Unlike other course hosting software, it has a free plan you can use until you start making some money with your blog. See it for yourself. 

Sign up for their free plan here.

No matter the size of your blog you should be making money with affiliates. WHile there are a lot of affiliate websites out there, Shareasale is one you definitely want to sign up for. They have a variety of affiliate programs, many geared towards bloggers, that you can sign up for. It does not cost anything to create an account either!

Create a free account here.

We talked about themes above, but we cannot forget about your overall website framework. The genesis framework makes your website faster, gives you more options to customize your site, and makes it super easy to make changes to your websites code, even if you are not a developer. Pair the Genesis framework along with a Restored 316 theme above. 

Get the Genesis Framework here.

We cannot stress how important it is to have a reliable and speedy hosting provider for your website. Big scoots is that reliable provider. Sign up for them with the link below. 

Get better hosting here.

Still wondering how to make more money with your blog? This newsletter is it. Get the highest paid sponsored opportunities to your inbox 3 times a week! 

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Did you already choose your blog domain? If not, Namecheap is the best place to get it. Ge affordable domain names here. 

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