4 Ways Attending Blog Conferences Can Make You More Money

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For many of us, we start blog as hobbies. We have something to say, we want people to learn from us and our experiences, and we want to help. However, as you learn more about blogging and your blogging expenses add up (at the very least, you’re paying for web hosting), you might start to think – this blogging thing is costing me money! How can I earn money with my blog so it’s an asset and not a burden?

It might sound crazy, but hear me out: blogging conferences can help you make more money with your blog. Beyond the meeting sponsors and learning ways to scale up your blog so that in brings in money, there are less obvious ways blogging conferences can make you more money. I know, because for the longest time, I thought blogging conferences in particular were a waste of time. Sure, the topics were interesting, but it wasn’t really like you got to talk to the ‘big names’ (especially not if you were an introvert like me!).
And then I took a step back, did some journaling, and found out… oh wow. Without the connections (NOT with big names) I made at blogging conferences, there’s a 99% I would have stopped blogging and been out hundreds of dollars in blogging courses.
Before I tell you exactly how blogging conferences can make you more money, I wanted to let you know about a really fun webinar coming up with one of my favorite inspirational bloggers, Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less (and Elite Blog Academy). If you ever wanted to get more inspiration on how bloggers go pro and become really successful, sign up for the FREE webinar below!

How Conferences Can Make You More Money

#1: Conferences Introduce You To Tools You Never Knew Existed

I consider myself a pretty savvy blogger. My current blog, Everyday Spokane, is definitely not my first blog – I had a popular personal finance blog called Sunburnt Saver before this, ran a cooking blog before that, and a lifestyle blog before that. (Please don’t go find them haha.) I know a lot of tools out there to make blogging easier, from social media schedulers like Planoly and Later, to SEO tools like the free Chrome browser Keywords Everywhere and the paid for platform SEMRush.
However, like Jasmine mentioned on her post about having good luck in money with your blog, conferences introduce you to way more opportunities than you ever knew about before. For Jasmine, it was sponsored posts and affiliates. For me, it was productivity hacks and ways to make my blogging life easier.
earn more at blogging conferences by meeting people

Some of the awesome people you can meet at blogging conferences!

Just a few of the things I learned about at conferences that have made blogging more easier, enjoyable – and ultimately profitable – include:
  • Canva! Yes, I never knew about Canva until I went to a blogging conference and asked one of the attendees how she had such gorgeous Pinterest pins. And where would we be without Canva? Definitely one of the best things I learned!
  • ShareASale – if you’re looking for an easy affiliate program to get started with, you have to get on ShareASale. I’m the type of blogger that has to be dragged into promoting things – I’m not a ‘salesperson’. But ShareASale has almost every program I really like (like Nomatic travel backpacks, for instance), gives you your affiliate link, promotional materials and allows companies to send you more info on products. It basically makes promoting things YOU LIKE so easy. You can sign up with ShareASale using our referral link here, too!
  • Keywords Everywhere / SEMRush – as you begin to blog more, you learn that SEO is really important for a blog. Basically, if you want to be found, you have to know what words people are typing into Google to find content like yours. That’s where free Chrome (and Firefox) extensions like Keywords Everywhere or paid, more robust platforms like SEMRush come in handy. Keywords Everywhere isn’t exactly the prettiest tool to use, and it’s definitely not as informative as paid for options like SEMRush, but it does a pretty good job to get you started.
keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is one awesome tool I learned about at a blogging conference!

This is just a small list of the tools, productivity hacks, and monetization opportunities that blogging conferences have introduced me to. In addition to those listed above, I also learned about incredible programs like Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling, got access to tracking documents for managing affiliates, learned about Trello and Asana and so much more. The sky is the limit on how blogging conferences can make you more money – you just have to go and learn!
Blogging conferences don’t happen every month though – the best ones only roll around once a year, which means you can go a long time between blogging conferences. That’s why I definitely think you should check out the FREE webinar, where Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less (one of my faves!) will be talking about how she grew her blog and business. Make sure to sign up below!

#2 Conferences Introduce You to People Who Help You Earn More

This is kind of a long way to say: you will meet amazing people at blogging conferences who, directly or indirectly, help you make more money with your blog. Whether they offer you paid writing opportunities, affiliate partnerships, or down the road you start a business with them (like the B3 gals!), almost anyone you meet can help you earn more money with your blog.
At the very last blogging conference I went to, FinCon, I met two people who offered me paid writing opportunities, two people who offered guest posting opportunities for my travel blogging, and a handful of companies I could work with on sponsored or affiliate posts. And this conference wasn’t even directly related to travel, which is my niche! At a previous travel conference I went to, I met organizations that would sponsor trips and magazine writing opportunities – in addition to a bunch of really interesting travel bloggers I could work with in the future.
Whether you want to grow your blog or test out being a freelance writer, social media manager, or something else, blogging conferences can make you more money. I wouldn’t be able to work from home and grow my own blog if not for the people I met at my first FinCon – someone connected me to one of my biggest clients, and the rest is history!

#3 Conferences Help You Network with Companies

One of my favorite parts of conferences is the expo hall – different conferences may call them different things, but basically the expo hall is where all the conference sponsors gather, have booths, give away cool swag, and talk to you about their companies. When I went to my first blogging conference, I didn’t want to visit the expo hall – I thought they were just full of people selling stuff. What I didn’t understand is that they’re not selling anything – they are introducing you to new products or tools that can help your readers, and help you earn more.
For travel bloggers like me, blogging conferences have introduced me to companies that make travel easier. From high-tech backpacks that keep you (and your stuff) safe from apps that help you quickly navigate around a new city, these are helpful products/tools my audience will love – and I’ll be happy to promote!
For financial bloggers, one of our favorite blogging conferences, FinCon, has introduced us to apps that help readers save money, make money and pay off debt. Pretty awesome, right? Meeting these sponsors helps you make more money because you meet companies you might have otherwise never heard of, get into their affiliate programs (or they pay you to write sponsored posts!), and you’re helping your readers.

#4 Conferences Keep You Motivated

One of the top reasons why attending blog conferences can make you more money is motivation! I know whenever I attend a conference, I always walk away with pages of notes about things I need to do for my blog and business.
After a few blogging conferences, you start to develop a strategy – taking what you’ve learned, figuring out how it applies to you, then putting it in a calendar to implement it all strategically. It can be tough to figure that all out as a new blogger, but trust me, it gets easier the longer you blog! You just have to be consistent – as you learn one new thing, figure out a way to implement it and then do it!
Looking for some more inspiration on growing your blog? You’ve got to check out this free webinar on how top bloggers like Ruth from Living Well Spending Less grew her blog – the webinar is 100% FREE and you won’t want to miss it. Sign up below!
If you’ve ever thought about attending a blog conference, you should just sign up for one and do it! Of course, there is a little planning that goes into making sure your conference time is successful – for one, definitely bring business cards!
Beyond that, just be available! You never know who you will meet at conference sessions, in the expo hall, or just out and about. Even though my most recent blogging conference focused on personal finance, and I’m a travel blogger, I actually met other travel bloggers and am planning on working with them in the future!
In addition to meeting interesting new people, attending blog conferences can make you more money by:
  1. Introducing you to tools you didn’t know about before
  2. Introducing you to new people (who can help you earn more)
  3. Helping you network with companies that benefit your audience
  4. Keeping you motivated
Which blogging conferences have you attended or are you thinking of attending? Let us know below!

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Morgan @ Baby Got Balance

This is great! I’ve been on the fence about attending an event but will seriously consider it now (I think I was just needing to read something like this to make the move). Thanks for sharing!


Great, informative post! I need to find a good conference to attend sometime.

Emily Adams

What conferences would you recommend attending? I don’t think I have seen any in my area.


There is so much information to learn and so many ways to improve a blog. It looks like a conference is a great way to do both!


You are so right on! Personally I love conferences where I have the opportunity to connect with brands directly. I’ve scored some great campaigns this way and have made lifelong friends!!


Are there a lot of conferences and seminars online for those who can’t attend ones in real life? A lot of blogger cons are in the US and I live in Japan.


I just attend 2 Podcasting and creative conferences and I met so many wonderful people!! I’m definitely going to try and attend more next year!


I’ve been to a couple of blog conferences and honestly they are the best thing I’ve done for my blog! I’ve learned so much and been able to network with such incredible people.

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